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I've delivered auto parts, worked at the Short Hills Mall GAP with a foot-high mohawk, and danced in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, despite having all the grace of a drunken polar bear cub. For the past 20ish years I've been working as a writer, editor, author, ghostwriter, and copywriter. Since we freelancers are always looking for work, you can hire me to write your book, spiff up your prose, or give you compliments as you separate the green M&Ms out from the rest of the bag. I'll write you a feature about twisted ovaries, marketing copy that will have consumers throwing themselves at your product, or morph your profile into an irresistible work of prose. Occasionally, I blog

You can find my most current clips on my Contently site.

This photo was taken on my wedding day, October 28, 2016. We had just come back from our Big Night Out, and being a product of my culture, I decided to take a selfie, since I'd paid big money to get my hair and makeup done professionally. Of course I decided this after I'd removed half my makeup and had already started taking my hair down, but it remains one of the better recent pictures of me, which is why you're seeing it. 

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