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Growing up, The Clash were my favorite band—obsessively so. They changed my life and made me see that there was a big world outside my shitty New Jersey town. So when I got a chance to interview Joe Strummer, on one of his final tours, I asked him every single question I'd been waiting to ask for 20something years. It was worth the wait. 

Joe Strummer interview

Punk Magazine

As I mentioned above, I grew up punk rock. At some point, it became time to pull out the nose ring and give up the double 'hawk. Advanced Style has given this meemaw hope, though. And I'm counting the days until I can whip out the Manic Panic again. 

The saga of my teeth, under the heading "Me and Martin Amis" is only for the strong of stomach. 

One of the highlights of my life was a month and a half spent as a non-dancer in choreographer Michael Clark's 2012 Whitney Biennial presentation. The NY Times likened myself and the other "non-dancers" to an "encroaching plague," but we got to dance alongside Jarvis Cocker and Relaxed Muscle in front of David Bowie and John Cameron Mitchell and Gia Kourlas didn't. Pictured below, my friend, superstar Deb Aruta, Jarvis Cocker, Jason Buckle (also in Relaxed Muscle), and moi. 

I don't care how ratty it is, you do NOT! 

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